The 8 best moments from Nathan for You to prepare you for season 3

To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. To be fair, the show, which stars the eponymous Nathan Fielder as a business consultant to small Los Angeles companies, is an unlikely vehicle for humor—but what is even more unlikely are the marketing strategies Fielder pulls in the process. I am aware of this; the show is even more so. My insistence on the genius of Nathan For You , then, simultaneously comes with a few warnings. For first time viewers, I caution that the season one pilot opens with Fielder trying to drum up business at a frozen yogurt company in Eagle Rock with a novelty poo-flavored yogurt. The second episode involves a mall Santa with a criminal record, whom Fielder helps by arranging flash discount holiday photo shoots in the middle of summer. The second season of Nathan For You —yes, it got a second season, and a third, which premieres on October 15—quite literally trafficked in the logic of stupidity. As Molly Lambert has already observed , the whole premise sits somewhere between an elaborate punch line and absurdist concept art. The third season has never been more aware that the heart of Nathan For You lies in exactly its balance of dumb gimmicks and surprisingly real emotions. Shenanigans—involving a live alligator and two-foot tall door—ensue.

NATHAN FOR YOU: THE COMPLETE SERIES Brings the Brilliant Mockumentary Home

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The episode was a hair-raising minute adventure, but also an amazing example of a program tweaking its format on the fly, mutating from expert reality-show pastiche to detective-story psychodrama.

Nathan tries to become less awkward with women by dating several young women at once on a fake dating game show. Note: This episode also aired as a special.

What could possibly be done to take down a company? Who would do such a thing? Will a large reptile be involved for some reason? The answers to each of those questions are explored and answered almost immediately. The plan was to get Best Buy to price match a stupidly low TV sale price at the local electronics shop. So in an effort to keep stock in check, Fielder insisted that there be a black tie dress code. When some people complied, renting tuxes and wearing black dresses, they had to bypass a miniature door and an alligator.

This proved too much for some so they ultimately gave up. Another masterful part of the plan had Nathan hiring people on Craigslist to go buy the Best Buy price matched TVs only to have them turned away. An entire subset of ideas comes into play in the backend of the episode. Then, in order to bolster the lawsuit, Nathan has to find a whistleblower from Best Buy.

To do that, he creates a fake dating show to lure a specific set of working class i. Of course, Fielder falls for her and decides to continue the date well into the private salsa dancing lesson he set up. Everything comes to a head when he needs to actually have the girl in court to testify.

‘Nathan For You’ Takes On ‘The Bachelor,’ But Runs Into One Major Problem (VIDEO)

Look for it on Comedy Central. That prize just went to Angus Deaton of Princeton for improving the way some economic indicators are measured, but it could have gone to Mr. Fielder for illuminating the relationship between the economy and absurdity.

Nathan Fielder is a business advisor who implements strategies that no EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS Is This Show Funny?()In order to impress his date Maci, Nathan shows her an episode of his Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time · Night Crew · Night Pigeon (​Featuring Roy.

What will he find? Before the watchful gaze of the local news and a few dozen spectators, Fielder completed the perilous walk then disappeared so that Calderwood himself could emerge into the arms of his waiting love, meeting her for the first time on camera. In a sketch, a year-old Fielder appears as transparently fraudulent psychic Ronald Shoub who tells people to sleep with crystals and claims to have advised Dennis Quaid. Though as the show has progressed, Fielder has become at least equally fixated on reality, and the ways that a committed faker can shape it, assisted by the resources of even a modest television program as well as the bottomless credulity of the American public.

Like Ronald Shoub branding himself a psychic, Nathan Fielder chooses to call himself a TV host, Corey Calderwood, or a hero; all the while remaining finely attuned to the apparatus that allows him to get away with doing so. Produced with scant resources, the videos contain in embryonic form the hallmarks of his later work: a willingness to plumb excruciating extremes of social awkwardness, an interest in absurd and ritualistic behavior, and a reliance on the medium itself for jokes.

Fielder also showed an interest in less heralded forms of visual media, building his skills as a formal mimic with faithful parodies of horror movie trailers , student films , and demo reels. But while Tim and Eric amplified the strangeness of 21st-Century visual culture to terrifying extremes, Fielder is willing to inhabit it as it is, systematically building his formidable comic structures from within.

The comedy of watching a small army of Fielder body doubles sprint out of a hotel or an obese man balanced on a horse by an airborne weather balloon is somehow amplified by the straightforward visual language of HGTV. In an interview with the A. In the A. Our solitary magus finds a worthy foil in Bill Heath, a genuinely odd performer whose existence appears to consist of the isolated rituals that Fielder himself alludes to maintaining in his own life, including an obsessive neatness and a devotion to the University of Arkansas football team.

Similarly, as he relates to Bill for a prolonged stretch, the Nathan Fielder character begins to break down. When Nathan meets with her instead, the two have a natural chemistry, and Nathan continues to see her over a series of dates that begin with the diligent exchange of money.


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Throughout its four seasons, “Nathan for You” has featured Fielder as the host In one episode, Fielder stages a fake dating show to help him.

Nathan For You , the brilliant satire of marketing, media, hype, and everything that holds our capitalist society together, is no more. Over the course of four seasons, creator and host Nathan Fielder used his “pretty good grades” in Canadian business school to convince small business owners to let him rebrand their businesses in legendary so-dumb-they’re-smart schemes. In one episode he used the Holocaust to sell outerwear and in another, he tried to start a sleeper cell within Uber.

His most famous gag was probably creating Dumb Starbucks , a parody coffee shop that attracted thousands of customers by first fooling them into believing it was the beverage giant, then bringing them in on the joke. Fielder’s hilarious critique of our late capitalist hellscape will be sorely missed. Premiering clips from defunct TV shows isn’t something we typically do, but because we’re large NFY heads still mourning its loss, we wanted to make sure this tape saw the light of day.

What you’ll find below are three extended scenes from Season 4, Episode 6, “Shipping Logistics Company,” in which Fielder concocts an elaborate scheme to mail smoke detectors tax-free by rebranding them as musical instruments. He starts a fake band called The Bonzai Predicament—which includes the newly dubbed “Blues Smoke Detector”—so he can prove it’s a “real instrument. It’s brilliant. The deleted scenes include an instructional video for how to use the instrument by “LA legend Harmonica Greg,” a beautifully awkward extended video of the band recording with the grating smoke detector beeps, and the full commercial.

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Finding Nathan Fielder

Most people understand the difference between documentaries, which are real, and scripted shows, which are fictional. However, sometimes his ideas are so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe the employees aren’t in on the joke. Scroll down to answer all your burning questions about the series. Nathan is always ready with a quip.

On Comedy Central’s semi-fake reality show, Fielder poses as a Nathan Fielder, Nathan for You | Photo Credits: Comedy Central Sorry, this video is not found or no longer available due to date or rights restrictions.

Weeks after the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter protests began, Columbia youth continue to use their voices on social media to spark change. Murphy’s Stuffed Potatoes and Ms. Kim’s, serving soul food is about more than money. After being released from jail in , author PJ Myles used his creativity to create stories for kids.

In Finding Frances , Nathan Fielder blurs the lines of fact and fiction while forming a relationship with Maci, a professional escort. This draws out the authentic reactions of people when they are caught completely off guard. This leads the men on a journey from Los Angeles to Arkansas and Oregon. Every person who appears on screen throughout the series seems authentic — minus the fact that people will behave differently, to varying degrees, with a camera around.

But the big question mark is Fielder himself: How much of this man is a character and how much is an honest reflection of himself? It appears that Fielder might not be percent certain himself.

‘Nathan for You,’ on Comedy Central, Mixes Absurdity and Economics

Some of the more successful shows on TV right now find an audience by burning through plots — some, like Empire , eventually enter hypersoap space and practically turn plaid. Most of these take the form of more , layering on subplots, like Orange Is the New Black , or throwing in increasing numbers of characters, like Game of Thrones. But none of them is as dizzying and dense as Nathan for You.

IF YOU’VE EVER made the choice not to watch Nathan for You, there is a Here’s Fielder response to her accusation that the show makes fools of its sets up a fake OKCupid profile for Corey and embarks on a date as him.

Nathan Fake is currently touring across 3 countries and has 8 upcoming concerts. View all past concerts. He was wonderful. His own bpm was higher than his music’s : his sound was surprising with unusual beats, he escalated the music so nicely that at the end it sounded so different than the beginning. His musical journeys are so good to explore and participate in. Read more. Report as inappropriate. His next electronica offering, Hard Islands, took a different approach, with its tough, busy and acidic-grinding loops and made-for-the-club breakbeats and grooves.

The small main room of the venue was full to bursting by the time 1am rolled around and the boy wonder appeared, and happily, everyone was in the mood to sway, sing, and dance like a crazy person. A dazzling show from a true talent, go see Nathan Fake if you get the chance! This event has been added to your Plans. Live streams St. Petersburg co Petersburg concerts St.

Nathan fielder dating show

His desire to help Bill is thus a hand outstretched from one weird loner to another. The episode culminates in a big stunt in which Nathan — disguised, with facial prosthetics and a bodysuit, as a socially inept, part-time arcade worker named Corey — performs a tightrope walk for a breast-cancer charity in order to make Corey look like a national hero.

Sensing that Bill, who never married or had children, needs practice talking to women, Nathan hires an escort named Maci. Bill wants to approach her front door with cameras in tow, but Nathan convinces him to at least call her first.

Catching Up With Some Of Nathan For You’s Most Famous Participants than Anthony Napoli who hosted Nathan’s fake reality dating show called The Hunk.

Yet often the pretender begins to love truly after all, and often becomes what he has feigned to be. Wherefore, you women, be more compliant to pretenders; one day will the love be true which but now was false. The love of one person for another. It always seemed a tenuous affair at best. And what if one of the parties is dead? Perhaps even more tenuous. What if one of the parties is a dog? And not just a dog—a dead dog.

This is the kind of love that interests me.

Nathan Fake tour dates 2020 – 2021

Network: Comedy Central. Writer, director and comedian Nathan Fielder CBC’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” also has a business degree, and he combines that knowledge with his unusual life experiences to help struggling small businesses boost their sales. However, Fielder’s marketing campaigns for each business can best be described as unorthodox, to the point where no traditional sales consultant would ever attempt what he does.

The stunt was the brainchild of “Nathan for You” creator and starNathan In the other one, I created this fake dating show to help me overcome.

Designed to be partially stunt-driven and partially character-driven, Nathan for You is an ingenious mash-up of documentary, reality TV and comedy that revolves around outlandish scenarios dreamed up by the guy in the title — Nathan Fielder — in an attempt to help struggling companies get back on track. Right from the beginning, the seemingly ridiculous ideas Nathan comes up with were more successful than he planned.

The second episode of Nathan for You saw him fake an animal-rescue video in the hopes of boosting the popularity of a petting zoo. Despite his misgivings about anyone actually being dumb enough to fall for the idea of a pig rescuing a baby goat from drowning, it got millions of hits and was featured on various nightly news shows. Hence the idea of yoghurt that tastes like poo.

A struggling petrol station needs to start bringing in customers — and the most obvious way to do that is with cheaper prices. Nathan suggests offering a rebate, with the stipulation that it has to be hand-delivered. No problem for most penny-pinchers Which is only accessible by one path. On foot.

Haunted House/The Hunk

The country music star said he had been made aware of a number of accounts pretending to be him. Nathan Carter has urged fans to be alert to fake accounts pretending to be him and trying to con people out of money. The country music star warned his fans that he had been made aware of a number of accounts impersonating him on a range of social media platforms.

Comedy Central’s business-makeover show “Nathan for You” follows to help a struggling petting zoo in California and it went viral (to date.

The Comedy Show more Show less. Nathan for You: Nathan Fielder 31 episodes Creator, writer Nathan for You is an American docu-reality comedy television series starring comedian Nathan Fielder. The series was co-created by Fielder and premiered on This is Nathan For You About the Show Nathan For You. Canadian actor-comedian, Nathan Fielder was once a happily married man before he found fame. But, as he got sucked into the spotlight, his relationship with wife Nathan for you fake dating show.

Nathan For You – Souvenir Shop Pt. 2

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